In terms of our trading this week, we have countless possibilities. However, we are only human and we are able to concentrate on only few of them. Thus, let us discuss one by one what our goals will look at this week.


Although on Friday the first NFP of the year turned out to be negative, we saw a decline in the EURUSD pair. The market Sentiment clearly stated to us that it was quite about the time now for the pair to reach the expected level. The pair ended up closing the week at 1.20324, which was .00459 lower than what it was trading during the week. This gave a clear indication of a stable drop down. On Friday we are having the U.S Consumer Price Index (CPI), which should further straighten the price of the U.S dollar. Long term sale for the week is the recommendation.


The situation for this pair is not much different. Here we actually have very strong indicators for the pair falling down, as on Friday it was announced that Great Britain Shop Price Index was at its lowest point, since 2014. While the pair dropped down during the day, and afterwards went back to the previous levels, it ended the week at 1.35670. Thus, for this pair a further drop is expected.


We used currency pairs that we mentioned above to build capital. However, the actual money as we all know lies behind the crypto market. Now we have more ground to expand our knowledge and concentrate on crypto. Both Ripple and Bitcoin are two currencies that we would really to put our eyes on. Ripple most particularly is expected to grow to the astonishing 9$ until the end of the month, while Bitcoin target is at 25 000$. To open one ripple trade right now we need about 13 000$. However, the movement and fluctuation can triple even quadripple our money for a couple of days.

Let us have an amazing week.