EURUSD…the pair actually became more unpredictable than the Bitcoin trades when it went to 20500$ last month. Such a movement we have not seen ever going with 200 pips. Having a more sober look at everything that happened though we have the following conclusion.

Technically the pair is still bearish.1.1564 is still valid fundamentally this went up and trying to match with technical tools. If price stay above 1.2108 bearish situation will have to be avoided very hardly .

Having our new Fibonacci we expect 1.2086 and maximum 1.2104. However, if price come down below 1.2088 then 1.1564 break level that we were looking at the past couple of that is valid.

Strong Sell, and good expectation for everyone that has good margin level, it happens to be one of the most profitable days that we have expected.